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John Uttley


The home of the author of the novels

‘No Precedent’ and ‘Where’s Sailor Jack?’

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Fracking in the North

Lancashire County Councillors have said no to fracking on the Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton near Blackpool, having previously refused permission at the more difficult to access Roseacre Wood site. I’m an ex pat Lancastrian, born in Blackpool Victoria...

Business in Public and Private Sectors

Where’s Sailor Jack? makes some play on the differences between public and private sector attitudes to business. As a former CFO of the mighty Central Electricity Generating Board, followed by the privatised National Grid Group and a later career as Chairman of...

The North South Divide

I’ve spent most of my life denying that I’m a professional northerner. It sounds too chippy. But it’s not that there isn’t plenty to be chippy about. Recently I was reading Max Hastings claiming that London was just so obviously the cultural centre of Britain. Another...

Is Sailor Jack anywhere?

To write a novel suggests a belief in more than the physical. It’s saying that there’s a meaning to be understood in a tale as it unfolds that is better expressed in the telling than in a set of equations. Maybe some mathematician could come up with a Maxwell-type...