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John Uttley


The home of the author of the novels

‘No Precedent’ and ‘Where’s Sailor Jack?’

Welcome to the official website of John Uttley

John Uttley was born in Lancashire just as the war was ending. Grammar school educated there, he read Physics at Oxford before embarking on a long career with the CEGB and National Grid Group.

He was Finance Director at the time of the miners’ strike, the Sizewell Inquiry and privatisation, receiving an OBE in 1991.

Shortly afterwards, he suffered his fifteen minutes of fame when he publicly gave a dividend to charity in the middle of the fat cat furore.

More recently, he has taken an external London degree in Divinity while acting as chairman of numerous smaller companies, both UK and US based.

He is married to Janet, living just north of London with three grown children and dog.

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“There wasn’t a lightning strike at the church in Evesham where the funeral took place, which Bob regards as sufficient evidence that his theology is sound.”

No Precedent

“In the war, before I was born and when my Dad was in the navy, the family had a budgie, Tinker, who they’d trained to say ‘Where’s Sailor Jack?’ It’s part of our family folklore. My Dad died years ago, but I still ask that question.”

Where’s Sailor Jack?