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John Uttley


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Where's Sailor Jack? - No Precedent - The Dove Is Dead

The Dove Is Dead

The Northern grammar school pals, Bob Swarbrick and Richard Shackleton, are now well into their seventies. While Richard’s daughter, the ‘delightful mistake’ Amy, is studying History at Oxford, they’re more concerned with the viva they’ll be facing soon with the almighty. Everything is changing; their native Lancashire is barely recognisable and the industries they grew up with have vanished. Early boomer men and woke Gen Z girl tread a path together through a world of western cultural decline and collapse of faith, in a searingly sad but still joyful celebration of life and death. While Bob and Richard grapple with the shifting cultural landscape, Richard’s daughter, Amy, is preparing for her final exams.

“The Unholy Trinity concludes with a powerful sermon on family, faith, and death.”

‘A wonderful follow-up to Where’s Sailor Jack? this time told by Bob and Wendy themselves. I laughed, I cried, I considered moving north. Poignant, funny, thoughtful and raw, No Precedent gives voice to the babel that is modern culture, as experienced by a group of very different families who all nonetheless love each other to pieces.’ 

Stephen Carver

Author and Critic