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There’s been a change of author. Here I am, Wendy, the sensible one, also the one young enough to be able to sit at a desk and type without moaning about sciatica. Bob’s asleep. I’ve often taken a peek over his shoulder at what he’s writing. I’m still not sure if he knows why he’s writing it, but it seems a good idea to me too. More than one story is emerging but the one that most interests me is whether Lucy and Maddie are to be tragic heroines. Or will they both succumb to domestic bliss?

I’m enjoying how he’s written what’s happened so far, and hope you are too. You must have reached this far for some reason. He writes exactly how I find him, so you’re getting to know the real him. He is an alpha male, of course, whatever he says, sometimes a bull in a china shop, though one thoughtful enough to pay for the damage afterwards. He often hasn’t seen the world from a woman’s viewpoint. He was promoted quickly enough when he was young that he’s never had to work for a woman, and it sometimes shows. I don’t suppose that finding that out for himself is his only reason for writing. But I don’t think he’s bringing out the less upfront characters as strongly as he could, including me. So, let’s see if I can remedy that imbalance. I’m a quiet thinker. That’s why he’s sometimes unsure about what I believe. I think I’ve said enough for him to have got the gist, but not all at once as a grand scheme. I don’t think aloud. He often does, be it good sense or claptrap that he’s spouting. You’ve heard them both.

What he’s written so far would be ideal to hand over to Lucy for her to make a play out of, particularly as she seems to be the star turn whenever she’s on the stage. We could do that; he hasn’t taken many liberties with her character. He’s been a shade nicer with her than I would have been. I wonder how she’d end the story if she could choose. It would be with a new man. But would it be for love or company? It wouldn’t be for money, not the she needs it any longer. Paul has amply provided. 

 I’m glad that Bob still finds sex with me kind and loving, though that sounds like putting on an old pair of slippers. It’s not necessarily the way I find it. He comes on much stronger than that. And he’s not the one underneath. He does try to be gentle and can’t help being a bit of a lump. After we’ve finished, it can be like pushing a beached whale back into the sea after the tide’s gone out! He’s really struggled with his back. But it’s love, real love, that I feel, for him and from him. He still cares passionately about the future for us all. Once the children are in bed though, and after the second glass of wine, he’s frequently morose about the past. I think he’s happy with life now, while wishing he’d reached this point without anyone getting injured. He’s short-changed nobody though, as far as I can see, and the person who’s been most hurt is himself. He misses the previous generation so much too, with that graveyard in St Chad’s casting its shadow over everything he feels.