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It’s six months since I last blogged. In that time, I’ve completed The Unholy Trinity with the last novel in the trilogy, The Dove is Dead, to accompany Where’s Sailor Jack? and No Precedent. A budgie, a crow and a dove. Life, death and the hope of resurrection? Or life, death and nothing more?

So, my story has been told. There’s no more to be said. The characters can now sleep peacefully in their graves or in their urns on the mantelpiece. Those I didn’t kill off have been given the literary equivalent of cryogenic freezing, never to re-emerge into the sunlight. I hope they can still think for themselves down there. I’ve taken them as far as I’m going to.

Will I write something else now? I honestly don’t know. I’ve learnt plenty on my writing journey, and no doubt could put out something more accomplished, until old age wearies me too much. But my heart will need to be in it.

What I do hope is that reading the trilogy has changed the perspective of a few souls, if only a little.