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I’ve done three radio interviews this last fortnight to plug No Precedent. Well, actually four, but the first attempt with North Manchester Radio didn’t play as their equipment failed. It was their first day back in the Studio after lockdown, and the first live broadcast. Apart from it wasn’t! The presenter was a great guy called Joe Figueira. We did a full interview, only to find it hadn’t gone out anywhere and hadn’t even been recorded. I was invited back a week later for another ten minute live slot. Joe had done all his own staff work, and also had read the book in full, asking all the right questions. What a star!

By the time that had happened, I’d been on BBC Radio Lancashire for a five minute slot with Sharon Hartley, wedged between Tears for Fears and Kylie. The aborted attempt with Joe meant that I’d done my homework too, and had decided on a strategy, using my strap line, ‘the last Victorian and the first baby boomer’. Sharon had to stick rigorously to her schedule, but was both professional and friendly. It all seemed to work and so I used a similar approach with a little more leisure in the interview with Joe that did work

A couple of days ago I did the third interview, in the ‘Getting Booked’ slot with Hazel Butterfield on Women’s Radio. This wasn’t live and it first goes out next week, at 5am and 5 pm every day. It was meant to be an hour long and we overran! She’d read the book too. I did eventually use the strap line, but we’d reached a true understanding of the meaning of life by several other approaches before then. I guess that when I hear the actual playback, I may find that we didn’t quite do that, but it was stimulating. To me that is. And I hope to Hazel, and even to you if you listen in.

These presenters are good at their jobs. I bet they’re knackered when they get home.