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Live for the moment. Is this the secret of a fulfilled life? Not for a mind/body dualist.The mind is never in the moment.There’s a lag. Memory can’t fully replicate a sensation, but it does last, until it fades.
Seize the moment.That’s a thought, before the event, one that embraces what’s about to happen, maybe even changes it. That’s fulfilling. Until the memory fades.
Life goes by so fast. We miss most of it, one reason I hope for an afterlife. I want to go through it all again, seeing what I missed. (Which is probably mainly others in the picture muttering “plonker” in my direction.) In Where’s Sailor Jack?, there’s a moment when Richard thinks his resurrection body was taken from him. I once lived what I wrote. It wasn’t a moment to be seized. It wasn’t a moment to be lived for. It was a moment to be lived in. Perhaps the only one.You should seize the moment. The rest is decided for you.